Information on the cabins

Large Cabin (6-7 persons)


Medium Cabin (4-5 persons)


Small Cabin (2-3 persons)


The photos are just examples. The room size may be slightly different by cabin

Cabins are not furnished. Bring or rent your bedding. Table and chairs are placed outside of the cabin.

Large cabins in B Cabin site are equipped with air conditioners (for a fee).

B Cabin sites

Toilet & Shower House


Outside Kitchen


Hot water shower


C Cabin sites

Toilet & Shower House


Outside Kitchen


Hot water shower


Information for use

Open Every day except year-end and new year holidays
Reservations accepted Reservation will be accepted from the first day of the 2 month prior to your lodging date.
Daily rate
(per cabin/night)
4 PM-10 AM (next day)
Small Cabin (2-3 persons) / 3340yen
Medium Cabin (4-5 persons) / 3930yen
Large Cabin (6-7 persons) / 6020yen
Hourly rate
(per cabin/hour)
【One-day use】 *No reservation accepted
11 AM-3 PM
Small Cabin (2-3 persons) / 250yen
Medium Cabin (4-5 persons) / 310yen
Large Cabin (6-7 persons) / 500yen
Check-in time 4 – 5 PM
Check-out time Before 10 AM
Can be extended to 3PM with Hourly rate above
AC power usage fee (additional) 【Overnight】 510yen
【One day use】 250yen
*Should be used below 2kw
Shower Only 100coin can be used
No money-changing machine available

*Every fee is tax inclusive


Bring your own bedding and cooking utensils

Refrain from driving a car in the night except in the case of emergency.

Camping without registration or at non-designated site is not allowed.

Cooking by fire put direct on the earth outside of the designated place is prohibited.

Playing with fireworks is allowed only on the beach but not after 10 PM.

Bicycles and other vehicles prohibited in the B cabin

Guests will not have a choice of cabin.

Smoking is NOT allowed in the cabins,preset tent or shower room.

Autocamp site and Cabin

Online Booking

Reservation by Phone

Business hours
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Please use phone only for reservations within 3 days from today.

Rental items

No reservation available

Contact our reservation center at
for detailed info.