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The Parent-Child Camp at Iwami School of Nature


・Let’s play summer games in a setting of abundant nature!

・Let’s learn a little Japanese!

・Let’s make friends and have fun!



・Auto Camping site at The Iwami Seaside Park

・You can choose to bring your own tent or to use the preset tents at the site.

【When】:  September 21(Sat) – 22(Sun), 2019

【Who can apply】:

Elementary school children (Age 6-12) and their parents living in the Iwakuni Air

Base of the US Marines

【How many people】:

・Limited to ten families.

・The receptionist of the participation application closes it in ten the first families.


Child 2,000Yen /person, Adult 3,000Yen /person


A dozen students at The University of Shimane who study English

【Accident Insurance group coverage】:

Death; 9.16milYen, Hospitalization; 5,250Yen /day, Outpatient; 3,500Yen /day,

Personal liability; 5milYen /occurrence


Day 1

10:30 ~ Registration

11:00 ~ Orientation

11:30 ~ Ice Breaking

12:30 ~ Preparation for lunch / lunch time (Curry and Rice)

13:30 ~ Recreation (Planned by the univ. students)

17:00 ~ Dinner time (BBQ)

20:00 ~ Hand-held fireworks

21:00 ~ Taking shower, etc.

22:00 ~ Bed time

・Day 2

6:30 ~ Getting up

7:30 ~ Preparation for breakfast / breakfast time (Onigiri or toasted sandwiches)

9:30 ~ Recreation (Planned by the univ. students) – Water squirt guns &

Water balloon, battle

11:00 ~ Preparation for lunch / lunch time (Flowing thin wheat noodles,

Shaved ice)

13:00~Crafting candle

14:30 ~ Free time or Cleaning

15:30 ~ Evaluation (Sharing participants’ comments on the camp)

16:00 ~ Leave for home



【Application Deadline】:  August 31, 2019

【How to apply】:

・Please list the names and ages of all participants for the purpose of insurance coverage. Also write down your choice regarding the tents (whether you will bring your own or

use the preset tents at the site.)


・Please write “ISP” on the subject line in your application mail so it cannot be mixed with junk mail. The mail address below is the one from which we will respond to you.

Please make sure your mail box will accept our mail without problems.


・Application mail address;



The Camp is;

Organized by The Iwami Seaside Park (managed by Shimane Pref.)

Co-hosted by Assoc. Prof. Henneberry’s English seminar / BBS circle at The University of Shimane